Solar Tracking Control Solutions
Digital MicroController Architecture for Precision and Flexibility

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PST to the Rescue
1.4 MW Retrofit Gets Things Moving
Tracking vs. Racking
Comparison of Mounting Methods with Respect to Annual Output
The ProspectorSeries
Class 1 Solar Instrumentation with 6-Piece Weather Station
Data Logger includes Ethernet and/or Cell-Internet Access
Fully Autonomous with Stand-Alone PV/Battery Power
Made in the USA
Sold Around the World
Precision Solar Technologies Corp
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We are the manufacturers of the SolarTrak® Sun-tracking control technology, a proven leader in the active sun-tracking industry. With controllers and trackers in over 28 countries world-wide we provide precise, dependable control for single and dual axis mechanical positioners using either electrical or hydraulic drive mechanisms. The SolarTrak® provides direct, on-sun tracking for concentrator and flat panel systems as well as reflector heliostat operations for Central Receiver Thermal projects or daylighting applications.
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Corporate - Information about Precision Solar Technologies, its solar industry involvement and other specialty items.
Education and Reference - Solar topics for educating people of all ages and backgrounds. Precision Solar Technologies is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to the challenges presented by solar applications requiring precise positioning and robust performance under difficult environmental conditions.
Products - Turn-key and drive components for all sizes and types of trackers. Single-axis, dual-axis. Electric or hydraulic actuators and geardrives... all with precision tracking controls and a variety of peripheral control functions integrated and calibrated.

Fully integrated, turn-key Solar/Weather Station... Batteries Included!

          Now Available!         The Prospector Mule™

 Portable Trailer Mount: Set-up and take data in less than an hour

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Technical - Product documentation, white papers, design concepts, and background information to help you work toward the optimum design for your solar system.

For Sale: CSP Solar Tracker 115kWt

Concentrated Solar Power Dish System for Stirling or Turbine Generator - $125,000